How to make an easy vegetable wok

Today I will explain how to prepare vegetable wok for beginners.

Sometimes we want to cook something delicious and healthy but we do not have almost time to cook, so we end up preparing a sandwich with anything that we have to hand and generally it is the opposite of that "healthy" we wanted.

Fortunately there are some simple and healthy recipes that are within your reach to prepare at dinner or lunch. One of them is the one I'll explain below, which is very delicious and adapts to the ingredients you have at your disposal: we talk about vegetables cooked in wok.

This is an ideal Asian meal for vegetarian and non-vegetarian, for people who want to eat healthy, who do not want to fill up on calories, or who simply want to incorporate something different than their diets.

Vegetable wok recipe in less than 10 minutes

Vegetable wok recipe in less than 10 minutes


To prepare a wok with vegetables, the important thing is that the ingredients are very fresh, this is the key to everything.

You can make a wok with practically any vegetable: broccoli, carrot, peppers, Onion, zucchini, eggplant, cauliflower, lettuce, corn and of course mushrooms and mushrooms.

Then, you'll need a little soy sauce, and a few sprigs or stems like chives and cilantro.

The best part is that, as I told you before, you can use whatever you have available.

Well, well, ac Then I explain how to prepare vegetables wok.Learn to prepare step by step a healthy and simple dish of vegetables wok with homemade ingredients.Sliced ​​zucchini and carrot and broccoli clean and cut into medium or small pieces, a little according to your preference.