Pisto manchego, traditional cooking recipe

Manchego pisto is a traditional dish of Spanish cuisine, which has its origin as its name indicates in Castilla y La Mancha.

It is a homemade recipe very easy to make. Basically they are vegetables from the garden that are prepared poached in a pan with tomatoes until there is a very juicy stew.

Manchego ratatouille recipe

The good thing about ratatouille is that it can be prepared with any vegetables you have available, being the most used peppers, onions, garlic, zucchini and eggplant.

In many occasions it is added just at the time of serving a fried egg, then called ratatouille with egg./p>

The Manchego ratatouille is not far from its cousin, the Andalusian ratatouille, the one prepared with less light vegetables, like potatoes. Nor is it far from the French ratatouille, or the Catalan samfaina, which carries onions and aubergines.

recipe manchego pisto
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How to make traditional Manchego ratatouille

Cooking recipe to prepare this dish so typical of La Mancha cuisine: the authentic Manchego ratatouille.We will peel the garlic cloves and cut them into tiny pieces. We will wash the zucchini and cut it into cubes. We will also wash the peppers, and we will remove the branch of the head, the seeds and the internal white parts. Some people prefer to peel them so that they are softer when they are cooked. As with the other vegetables, we will chop them into cubes.
  • In the case of the tomatoes, as we have indicated in the list of ingredients, should be pureed. If we still do not have them that way, this is the perfect time to process them, after they are well washed. The easiest thing is to boil them quickly and then crush them. There are those who remove the skin, although this is not mandatory. The same happens with the seeds: many prefer to strain the puree to remove them, although this is not obligatory either.
  • The next thing is to heat a pan with a good jet of olive oil, to fry the garlic. Actually, another vegetable oil can also be used, but the olive oil gives a very characteristic (and tasty) flavor to the pisto. We will also take advantage to start frying the onion pieces.
  • When the onion is taking a slightly transparent color, add the peppers and let them cook for a few minutes.
  • When feel the paprika well softened, add the zucchini or zucchini.
  • And how are we adding the ingredients in order of smoothness, the next turn will be for the tomato puree. We will also pour the wine in the pan.
  • Let the dish cook 15 minutes . After this time, we will season the preparation, we will mix it, we will taste it, and if necessary, we will adjust the seasoning.
  • If you want the pisto to be less smooth, you can let it cook a little longer.
  • recipe manchego pisto

    Tips for an unforgettable manchego pisto

    • If at the end of the cooking, you feel that the ingredients swim in oil, it is always possible to drain the excess. This is quite common in the preparation of the ratatouille, since the juices of the vegetables are "mixed" with the oil initially used to fry the vegetables.
    • Take full advantage of this manchego ratatouille, accompanied by a good cut of meat, a couple of fried eggs or a cooked fish. Of course, we can always resort to the providential ratatouille served in a bowl and only accompanied by pieces of bread, such as to clean up the last remaining sauce and oil from the dish.
    • You can take advantage to make large quantities of ratatouille and keep several servings in containers in the freezer.

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